Dusty Pink, pale pink, call it how you like!


For about two weeks now I have been waking up with a great feeling inside my belly. For those who don’t know I am engaged to an incredible guy and I still feel butterflies when he kisses me but the feeling I am talking about here is a complete different one. It is the one you feel when you found a job you finally like! I used to be quite upset to be working weekends or late nights but I don’t think it is a problem anymore as I am now surrounded by clothes and awesome people who loves clothes! Plus, I have what you can call an obsession with order so being in charge of tidying what I love the most, fashion, I can’t complain! I have done a few late shifts and I loved it, weekend as well are cool as it is incredibly busy you literally have no time to be bored and you better run! Anyway, I enjoy my spare this morning to write a little article on what I have bought in my H&M store where I benefitiate of a discount! With this last argument, I convince myself I have found the perfect job!

Wherever you go on the high street pink is a dominant colour this winter. On knitwears, on sheer shirts/blouses, on tops, on accessories, well pink is the colour to wear! So I decided to go for what we call at H&M the dusty pink and I picked a knitwear jumper composed of 90% Acrylic and 10% mohair. It makes me feel cuddled by like a soft warm wool and this last bought comes right on time with the cold weather! I made it contrast with a very natural white pointed flat collar from a chiffon blouse that I also got in H&M! I love the finished style that this combination gives me, I look like the first of the class which is exactly what I wanted to do so I am satisfied!

I took some pictures last friday after going to a casting to be fitting model for Topshop, apparently my measurements are not close enough to their perfect measurements of a size 6 so that will not be for this time but who knows what the future keeps for me! I did enjoy having little yellow and blue dot stickers all over my body for the day as I did not remember to take them off and noticed them in the shower, haha!



[ Gold Tone Funky Double Curb Chain from River Island – White Contrast Trim Hidden Wedge Boat Shoes from River Island – Black Super Soft Skinny Jeans from New Look – White Blouse from Primark – Leather Jacket from H&M ]

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Monday Morning!

How to start a good Monday Morning according to Poupidou? Simple! The first thing to do is to wake up with a very nice and chillout song. Be extremely careful with your song choice as you could end up singing the same stupid song over and over again…

My choice for my Monday morning? M83 – Midnight City

Why and how did I discover it? I have listened to this song for the first time thanks to Made in Chelsea, for those who don’t know it is a reality program on Channel 4 and Midnight City is the Soundtrack of the show. I thought that it didn’t sound at all like any music on my I-pod, so I decided to get it and to even go further by waking up with it! Whoohoo!

After that obviously some serious toasts with melted cheese, a glass of orange juice or a coffee! Then you know usual process: Teeth, face washing + hydrating, Murine in my eyes because I can’t see a thing with the morning hay-fever! I don’t have my shower in the morning, no,no, no. Shower has always been an evening thing to me, so I keep my bed clean… Well until my lovely fiancé spreads breadcrumbs from his pack of crisps all over it, haha!

Anyway, there is something I also really like from Made in Chelsea and… No it is not Spencer! It is Millie Mackintosh, I love her style and I love her character. I have started to follow her when I started to watch Made In Chelsea… At least two years ago. She has her own website where you can find her eyelashes products, pictures of her and my favourite bit her Style Diary ! She is also quite famous for being Professor Green’s fiancée, and I love him as well so that made me love her even more! Just for you, my favourite outfit from her posts last week:


Ps: Chris Malinchak – So Good To Me is also a really good song for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday… or any morning wake-up!