Dusty Pink, pale pink, call it how you like!


For about two weeks now I have been waking up with a great feeling inside my belly. For those who don’t know I am engaged to an incredible guy and I still feel butterflies when he kisses me but the feeling I am talking about here is a complete different one. It is the one you feel when you found a job you finally like! I used to be quite upset to be working weekends or late nights but I don’t think it is a problem anymore as I am now surrounded by clothes and awesome people who loves clothes! Plus, I have what you can call an obsession with order so being in charge of tidying what I love the most, fashion, I can’t complain! I have done a few late shifts and I loved it, weekend as well are cool as it is incredibly busy you literally have no time to be bored and you better run! Anyway, I enjoy my spare this morning to write a little article on what I have bought in my H&M store where I benefitiate of a discount! With this last argument, I convince myself I have found the perfect job!

Wherever you go on the high street pink is a dominant colour this winter. On knitwears, on sheer shirts/blouses, on tops, on accessories, well pink is the colour to wear! So I decided to go for what we call at H&M the dusty pink and I picked a knitwear jumper composed of 90% Acrylic and 10% mohair. It makes me feel cuddled by like a soft warm wool and this last bought comes right on time with the cold weather! I made it contrast with a very natural white pointed flat collar from a chiffon blouse that I also got in H&M! I love the finished style that this combination gives me, I look like the first of the class which is exactly what I wanted to do so I am satisfied!

I took some pictures last friday after going to a casting to be fitting model for Topshop, apparently my measurements are not close enough to their perfect measurements of a size 6 so that will not be for this time but who knows what the future keeps for me! I did enjoy having little yellow and blue dot stickers all over my body for the day as I did not remember to take them off and noticed them in the shower, haha!



[ Gold Tone Funky Double Curb Chain from River Island – White Contrast Trim Hidden Wedge Boat Shoes from River Island – Black Super Soft Skinny Jeans from New Look – White Blouse from Primark – Leather Jacket from H&M ]

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Hiya Poupidiens,

My fiancé and me received House of Fraser gift cards for our birthday a while ago… We usually get presents together as our birthday are both in the middle of August only serarated by a week, I am the 16th and he is the 23rd! We planned our trip to HOF on an early Saturday morning and we wanted to spend that money wisely! I decided that the best way to do that was to use both of our cards for him, it was his 30th birthday, and he has been so supporting lately, I could not miss the occasion to make this special birthday memorable. I am really happy I have made this decision because I love shopping but I love even more shopping for him. I just have to seat on a comfy sofa and wait for him to do all the work, I even have the right to give my opinion and influence! So in the end we picked this great pair of Brogue Boots which we had for a nice price, mostly with the help of our gift cards; we only spent £15 from our pocket and I made my other half happy!


Thing is, I also need to buy some more shoes, especially now that I have started working at H&M, I want to present the best image of myself and of the company to the customers! It has been really fun so far I am really enjoying it, I can’t stop smiling!
Because I need shoes I had a little look at the A/W13 trends. Cut-out boots seem to win the popularity competition with the 90’s Grunge style not too far behind! I have also came across another trend called “stylish trainers”, I love trainers/sneakers so with an interesting pattern,  great shoelace and nice details I could only love them more, bring on the winter sneaker! That is not all, the boy shoes will also be a trend this winter, I haven’t seen many yet but I would love to have like a feminin version of my fiancé’s Brogue Boots, I guess it would work in the boy shoe category right!?

To put those trends in perspective I post for you my shoes wish list by trends:




[90’s Grunge]


[Stylish Sneakers]


[The boy Shoes]

Black seems to be the coolest shoes colour for winter! The first chunky cut-out boots I picked could also be into the 90’s grunge trend, two in one isn’t that awesome?! Don’t hesitate to comment or tweet me at @theapoupidou!

Mr.Quiffy Collection from House of Holland

Hey Poupidiens,

As promised in my Birthday Pressies article, here is for you a special photoshoot with my fiancé in the Mr.Quiffy  shorts and Tee from House of Holland!

I had an interview last week on Thursday, the weather was amazing back then and the woman I talked to told me that it was the last day of summer! So I decided to enjoy as much as I could this last hot day of the year! Friday was ok and Saturday as well, I did three BBQ’s, three days in a row and I am glad I did because in London the weather and temperature suppose that Autumn has finally arrived! It’s great news for us Fashionistas, it means time to tidy the wardrobe and buy some more clothes! For those who refuse to put your Summer clothes away, like me, it is time to think how to recycle them. Personally I will still wear all my crop tops, probably with others layers of clothes but they will be used for sure. For the others who think about throwing them away please don’t! Go to your nearest H&M store and give them your old clothes, they will give you a £5 voucher to redeem online or in store that you can use when you spend at least £30, think about the planet and don’t let fashion go to waste!20130906-135842.jpg

20130906-135848.jpgTo be back on what we wear, my white crop top is from River Island and his blue pair of shorts is from GAP, anything else you want to know just ask @theapoupidou.

Ps: Don’t miss the S/S14 House of Holland London Fashion Week show!

Loads of love from Quiffy couple, Xxx.


20130904-110631.jpgAnother one of my style articles! #poupidouishappy. I feel a huge satisfaction when I finalise an article and update it, I feel the same way when I cook something nice. I very often take a picture of it. I have so many pictures of various dishes on my phone you could probably think I am some sort of eating monster! Seriously, today I feel in a Kendrick Lamar mood, I felt this way for a few days. This Californian rapper’s beats seem to be beating in rhythm with my heart beats! I am sure if I share with you one of my favourite tune, you will be feeling the Kendrick vibe just like me, I give it a try: Kendrick Lamar – Swimming Pools (Drank).

So to be back to my article, here is for you a new style that I was wearing two days ago in a hot London. White is the best color not to feel hot as it reflects the light it will keep you much cooler than a black top which in the opposite will be absorbing the light and so create a huge heat! You might remember my Kimbra T-shirt, I was wearing it in one of my first articles on this blog! I paired it with my H&M white skinny jeans which I am totally in love with at the moment, I actually have another one in pale green. My necklace is from an old collection of River Island, I was also wearing it on the article I gave you the link above. My New Look peep toe heels were worn to emphasise the black drawings from my T-shirt. That is right, it is Kimbra swinging on a tree swing! Recently there were a lot of minimalist styles uploaded on Chictopia, so I wanted to give my minimalist ideas a try!

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Hiya bloggers, hiya poupidiens, hiya internet surfer, hiya everybody!

Everything is going well in the best of the world. London is no longer London, it became a sunny, warm and lovely place to live, where it is nice to wake up with a blue sky! When I said everything is going fine I meant almost everything. Last night, my cat came back home with its back right leg hurt. No idea what could have happened there, we speculated with my fiancé on many options and we were too busy to think he needed to move outside for a bit and wee. so now The Goose, that’s how we call him, has peed everywhere in our room. And this time when I say everywhere, well I meant everywhere! I am glad he is feeling much better now, but it also has meant a lot of work in the room… Anyway let’s forget about this and let’s rock onto my new style!

Mum said I looked “cool and hippie” when we facetimed earlier today. Strange thing is I don’t feel at all in a relax, hippipoupidou mood, it is totally the opposite I feel more like listening to some Iggy Azalea – Work and dance crazy! So hey, you can’t judge a book by its cover, I guess this makes some sense here…

What is my cover made about? Pretty simple Dress from H&M, Flowery Neckalce from River Island, Pale Green round Sunglasses from Accessorize, Grey Leather Ankle boots from Besson Chaussures, Gold Bracelets from a French Market.

Soon I’ll show you the monster, the Goose!


White on white on white

Yo Everyone!

Here is for you a cool Festival Style White On White On White… For once not Black on Black on Black! I say Festival but you can also wear it like me, as soon as the sun is out! Those pictures made me realise how pale I look, not that it is a bad thing but summer is coming or at least I hope it is going to come, and I need a tan! Now… I have two options, natural or artificial. It is actually an easy decision as 1) The British weather is not permitting any kind of sun exposure at least not at the moment… 2) I don’t get a tan, I burn anyway. Just need for me to find good body and face sprays tan!

At the moment I have this little addiction with River Island Crop Tops, on this style is one of the many I bought. This White textured cap sleeve crop top is really comfortable to wear, I went for the white but you can clearly go for the Dark Yellow which is also looking pretty awesome. The white contrast trim hidden wedge boat shoes also come from River Island, you can currently find them in the Wimbledon Whites Section of the website, but you might find yourself spending too much money on other items…! By the way they are a present from my fiancé isn’t he the best? Surprisingly the Gold Tone Multi Spike Necklace also come from River Island, I say surprisingly but I am sure no one is surprised! I have no idea where my earrings come from and as they are a present that someone offered me, I prefer not to know, it makes them more valuable! The cute white short with little hearts and forms printed is from H&M.

Has anyone notice my nails were also white? Yes, white on white on white!