Dusty Pink, pale pink, call it how you like!


For about two weeks now I have been waking up with a great feeling inside my belly. For those who don’t know I am engaged to an incredible guy and I still feel butterflies when he kisses me but the feeling I am talking about here is a complete different one. It is the one you feel when you found a job you finally like! I used to be quite upset to be working weekends or late nights but I don’t think it is a problem anymore as I am now surrounded by clothes and awesome people who loves clothes! Plus, I have what you can call an obsession with order so being in charge of tidying what I love the most, fashion, I can’t complain! I have done a few late shifts and I loved it, weekend as well are cool as it is incredibly busy you literally have no time to be bored and you better run! Anyway, I enjoy my spare this morning to write a little article on what I have bought in my H&M store where I benefitiate of a discount! With this last argument, I convince myself I have found the perfect job!

Wherever you go on the high street pink is a dominant colour this winter. On knitwears, on sheer shirts/blouses, on tops, on accessories, well pink is the colour to wear! So I decided to go for what we call at H&M the dusty pink and I picked a knitwear jumper composed of 90% Acrylic and 10% mohair. It makes me feel cuddled by like a soft warm wool and this last bought comes right on time with the cold weather! I made it contrast with a very natural white pointed flat collar from a chiffon blouse that I also got in H&M! I love the finished style that this combination gives me, I look like the first of the class which is exactly what I wanted to do so I am satisfied!

I took some pictures last friday after going to a casting to be fitting model for Topshop, apparently my measurements are not close enough to their perfect measurements of a size 6 so that will not be for this time but who knows what the future keeps for me! I did enjoy having little yellow and blue dot stickers all over my body for the day as I did not remember to take them off and noticed them in the shower, haha!



[ Gold Tone Funky Double Curb Chain from River Island – White Contrast Trim Hidden Wedge Boat Shoes from River Island – Black Super Soft Skinny Jeans from New Look – White Blouse from Primark – Leather Jacket from H&M ]

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A mail has arrived… A/W13 Longchamp Bags!


I am an old school girl, I love receiving mails and write memo notes. I feel excited before opening a letter, probably the smell of paper does that to my brain. Not that I am not ecologist on the contrary I like to help the environment but I do like to receive letters, especially handwritten letters from my family or friends, they have so much more value to me than emails.

Before I start to ramble, the point I wanted to make was that I received yesterday in a very nice envelope the new A/W 13 Longchamp bags catalogue. No surprise, I love them all! Nothing to do with the fact that Longchamp is a French brand, maybe only a tiny bit for that reason, but mainly because I love their designs. The girl dancing just above, it is me with my current Longchamp. I got it last Christmas from my fiancé and I am super satisfied with it! It is a practical bag, very solid and which also looks very elegant. Like almost all my friends, I had a few Pliage Longchamp Medium Handbags in different colours to carry my books in high school, if you did not have one at this time then you were not cool! I grew up with many Longchamp bags, I possess a Longchamp bag, and according to the new catalogue I will certainly buy more Lonchamp bags in the future.

Hard to know though if I will go for something classic such as the Red Funtaisy Bag or something really excentric like Le Pliage de Noël. Have a look at them to know what I am talking about:


[ Le Pliage FauveLe pliage Plume (color 1) Le pliage Plume (color2) ]

[ Le Pliage Patch Exotic (Version 1)Le Pliage Patch Exotic (Version 2)Le Pois ]

[ Le Pliage Small HandbagLe Pliage CuireLe Pliage De Noël Handbag “Petit Chat” ]


[ Roseau HeritageQuadri, Hobo BagRoseau Box ]

[ CosmosAu Sultan, Duffel Bag Clutch Bag ]


[ LM CuireTote BagLe Pliage Backpack ]

[ Derby, Duffel BagVeau FoulonnéLongchamp 3DLongchamp 3D Clutch Bag ]


[ Funtaisy Handbag ]

If you liked them but did not like the color I pick, click on one of the link right under my pic and check if they don’t have it in another color on their website, they have so much choice and they even do pairing shoes for some like for my favourite, the Funtaisy: Funtaisy Derbies!

Following my article about the Leopard pattern coming back on force this winter, you can see through the Longchamp new collection an important animal pattern presence. So it is confirmed, be ready to wear more “RRrrr“!

Loads of love.


Get wild!

Hey people!

Last February the A/W 13 Tom Ford, Jean-Paul Gaultier and Burberry Catwalk shows were sublimely using the Leopard print. It means that we seriously need to think on how we will be wearing it this autumn/winter, because the leopard print is bringing its animal magic back on our clothes and accessories!

[Burberry Prorsum – Burberry Prorsum – DKNY]
[Tom Ford – Tom Ford – Jean-Paul Gaultier]

Leopard is to me an amazing timeless trend. Every new collection it comes back and surprise us bolder, brighter and sexier! The question we ask ourselves every time is, is it going to be on our next favourite dress or simply on our headphones? I selected for you to figure it out diverse clothes, bags, accessories, shoes all leopard printed. You just need to Widely open your eyes and run to your hight street to buy what is going to be hot this winter!

I went to the Office store on Oxford street about a week ago, the closest to Bond Street station, and they had a special leopard area! I love to wear the leopard print on accessories therefore you can imagine how happy I was when I had all those leopard shoes in front of my eyes! Obviously when I discovered that, it straight away crossed my mind that I needed to do the same on my blog, a special leopard shoes area, let’s start with that!




[It is not in the order but you can find similar shoes at : Office – New Look – Dune – Kurt GeigerSchuh – DKNY – Polyvore. That is where I found my pictures!]

If you are more of a bag lady then DKNY is doing some awesome pieces. If you can not afford DKNY like me but want something of a similar style, New Look, River Island or Mango also do great leopard bags at cheaper prices, between £19,99 and £69,99. I have not checked Primark, Accessorize or even Topshop but I am sure they will have what you are looking for!20130901-153538.jpgNow what really excited me were all the cute accessories I found in my leopard search, from the watch to panties passing by the umbrella, I swear leopard is going to drive us crazy! I thought I had everything I needed until I saw those leopard earrings or this leopard I-phone cover, are they not incredibly cute and trendy?20130901-153545.jpg

If you still aren’t happy with what I showed you there is still a hope… With clothes!20130901-153559.jpg
And because we are still on Poupidou‘s blog we finish by Poupidou’s pick! As the only items I really need to buy for the cold season coming are tops, I picked three cool leopard tops. No need to tell you I will probably buy much more than what I need!20130901-153606.jpg[New Look – Chinti & Parker – River Island]

Ps: Listen to Jay-Z – Tom Ford, my favourite song from his new album Magna Carta Holy Grail!

Hope you all have a lovely week!


Winter is coming…


I knew it, it is happening again, nothing serous Poupidiens. I should feel it coming because year after year it is the same thing. I am talking about this feeling in my chest that cannot wait anymore for Autumn/Winter 2013, for Christmas and for snow to fall! It is only mid-August and a lot of people are still going on holiday; is anything wrong with me?! I don’t know but if you feel the same way please tell me about it @theapoupidou, that would make me feel so much better to know that I am not alone!

Now you know “what’s up”, I am going to confess even more. I have bought myself two knitwear this weekend at River Island, because 1) I WANT cold weather and Christmas, 2) It is my birthday in two little days!

Apart from that, I have to say I was pretty happy with what River Island got in stores at the moment, especially in the jewelry section! You will see what I am talking about in my next article, it will be full of River Island items!

As you might know last week I was following a course at the London College of Fashion in Buying and Merchandising, it was amazing and it changed my vision completely. What I mean is now when I walked into a shop I think differently about clothes, I think about stock, margin, manufacturing price and I am really pleased because having this knowledge means that I am much closer to what I want and which is working in Fashion!

So as winter is coming, sooner or later, it is time for us to come back to catwalk shows and immerse ourselves into the closest visions of what we will have in our favorite brands stores. Obviously I couldn’t write this article without mentioning the Topshop Autumn/Winter 2013. It is not a secret for anyone anymore, they were my summer crush. And because I tell you everything I picked pictures of Cara because I like her crazy personality, the fact she has always something funny to show or say, and because let’s be sincere her body is clearly perfect!

To finish on the right note, take a pack of crisps or if you are like me and prefer Nutella, take the naughty pot with you and seat comfortably in front of your screen, because if you haven’t seen it yet you need to watch it: The Topshop Unique Catwalk show presented last February at the London Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2013. Be ready for ten magic minutes with a really cool music, enjoy!



Another Girl


Hello Poupidiens!

Hope you all had a nice weekend! Mine was mainly duvet weekend, so not much to tell you about apart from a lot of rest and snuggles above the duvet as the temperatures are still pretty high, with obviously some nice tunes on such as Another Girl – Jacques Greene.

This weekend was the festival Global Gathering 2013, and I was quite sad because I really wanted to go there. I did one two years ago, I was sleeping in the VIP campsite and it was a daydream! Just to help you to understand what I missed, there were artists such as Katy B, Nu:Logic, Netski, SPY, Dj Fresh… The kind of artists you want to dance on! But it is ok, because I am going to buy very early on my ticket for 2014 and it is going to be ten times better, I can feel it!

Let’s talk now a little bit about what I am wearing, I bought my Dubstep T-Shirt to Global Gathering 2011 and I thought today was the perfect day to wear it again, celebrating our first two years and one day together… Well I didn’t think that far, but at least you all know where it comes from haha! With the T-shirt it is my really cool American shorts from Topshop, my studded grey Aldo converse looking shoes and my white Jeremy Scott Wings Swatch watch. Hope you enjoy this Dubstep Rave style, if you do than you can vote for it on my Chictopia

I almost forgot to talk about my creation in this outfit! Not sure you can actually see it, but my  earrings are in fact very nice studs from Swarovski that I attached to the Blue Redbull Metal Tabs that I took directly from two Redbull cans, why? Because this weekend was the Hungarian GP of Formula 1 and I was supporting as always Vettel! Ok, he didn’t win but he is still on top of the results for this season, reason more to rock this Redbull earrings!

  • What was your global gathering outfit this year?
  • Which team did you support in the Hungarian GP this weekend?

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Tic, toc: Time to review the best festival outfits 2013 so far!

Hi Everyone,

It has been a while since I wrote my last article. I have been busy then away and I didn’t find a minute to write to my Poupidiens, shame on me! But I am here , so we can relax. I mean we can almost relax because we have a lot of work to do with all this festival material… Coachella, Glastonbury, Lovebox it is all already finished! I hope your eyes are ready because there is a lot to see!

Let’s start with my two winners for this year 2013: Vanessa Hudgens and Caroline Flack. Vanessa was absolutely gorgeous in a chic boheme style with her printed maxi dress and her long wavy hair. Because Coachella was on for three days she also wore an appropriate hippie attire composed by a white peasant tops with matching white mini shorts, a flower crown in her hair, and circle-frame sunglasses! Caroline, gave us a more English pretty vibe in her blue Alice and Eve mini dress and at Glastonbury she was wearing this statement leopard-printed coat by Jaeger!

Obviously they were not the only one to have really great outfits so I did for you a selection of some more I really liked,  you must be feeling  pretty special right now, all this work just for you featuring: Aluna George, Rihanna, Millie Mackintosh, Rita Ora, Azealia Banks, Iggy Azalea…

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Hey wait a second, I am not finished! I have been reviewing at least thousands of outfits these last few days, I could not stop here and pretend there were only those I liked! So here is some more heels, shorts, skirts, hats, necklaces all worn at festivals, mainly Coachella because that was to me where the most awesome outfits were!

If like me you are crazy about crop tops, and you want to see more accessories, or you just want to go where I picked some of my pictures click on the pic:





Also if you have five minutes more go and check out this website, the stuff they do is pretty cool and I found so many items perfect for a festival, now was the best moment to share it with you: