Hey les Loulous!

It is time for Chapter 2013 to come to an end and leave space to a brand new Chapter, 2014.

In other terms, “Bonne Année!”. I wish you ALL a wonderful year and I hope that it will be ten times better than the previous one but also that you will keep up your new year resolutions as I planned to do!

What are those New Year Resolutions? Well, mine are pretty simple…

1) Fashion Related: Blog more! Buy more! Read more! Work harder! I can do it, I can do it!

2) Party more! With all this work planned… I will need breaks!

3) Go back to Uni! More details to follow…

4) Stop using a calculator! It has been a day and my brain already feels less numb!

5) Produce more endorphins! Don’t go to far in your fantasy I am mostly thinking about going jogging at least three times a week as I did lately, it makes me so happy!

But Hey I forgot to tell you about the rest of the festivities, Christmas, my favourite time of the year which for the first time I spent as a Single Lady! Accordingly thereby, I had to get myself my own presents; such is the life of single people, tough! I am only joking of course because I am truly awesome at buying presents so there was no deception on the 25th under the Christmas tree this year! Plus this year was different, in the way that the pressies I loved the most were in fact actions from people I care about, so yes, despite the recent events which happened in my life I had an amazing Christmas. All my housemates have now listened at least once to a French Christmas song , I can proudly say that my aim as “French Christmas spirit” has been accomplished! About my unexplained disappearence, I split up with my fiancé and it has been hard for me to settle down but now that I have done it and I found myself again,  I will fight for what I want and keep flowing the articles on my blog!

Photo 01-01-2014 21 19 39One of my Christmas present this year, my tattoo “Nothing was the same…”

Loads of Love, Xxx


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