Hiya Poupidiens,

My fiancé and me received House of Fraser gift cards for our birthday a while ago… We usually get presents together as our birthday are both in the middle of August only serarated by a week, I am the 16th and he is the 23rd! We planned our trip to HOF on an early Saturday morning and we wanted to spend that money wisely! I decided that the best way to do that was to use both of our cards for him, it was his 30th birthday, and he has been so supporting lately, I could not miss the occasion to make this special birthday memorable. I am really happy I have made this decision because I love shopping but I love even more shopping for him. I just have to seat on a comfy sofa and wait for him to do all the work, I even have the right to give my opinion and influence! So in the end we picked this great pair of Brogue Boots which we had for a nice price, mostly with the help of our gift cards; we only spent £15 from our pocket and I made my other half happy!


Thing is, I also need to buy some more shoes, especially now that I have started working at H&M, I want to present the best image of myself and of the company to the customers! It has been really fun so far I am really enjoying it, I can’t stop smiling!
Because I need shoes I had a little look at the A/W13 trends. Cut-out boots seem to win the popularity competition with the 90’s Grunge style not too far behind! I have also came across another trend called “stylish trainers”, I love trainers/sneakers so with an interesting pattern,  great shoelace and nice details I could only love them more, bring on the winter sneaker! That is not all, the boy shoes will also be a trend this winter, I haven’t seen many yet but I would love to have like a feminin version of my fiancé’s Brogue Boots, I guess it would work in the boy shoe category right!?

To put those trends in perspective I post for you my shoes wish list by trends:




[90’s Grunge]


[Stylish Sneakers]


[The boy Shoes]

Black seems to be the coolest shoes colour for winter! The first chunky cut-out boots I picked could also be into the 90’s grunge trend, two in one isn’t that awesome?! Don’t hesitate to comment or tweet me at @theapoupidou!


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