No News is good news.

Let’s start with good news today! I have the pleasure to announce you that I am going to be working at the H&M Flagship store on Regent Street in about two weeks time! I have received a phonecall from the manager on Saturday informing me that they wanted to have me in their team! At the interview they told me they would call within a week to give me an answer and they did not so I supposed it was a no, I found it now quite hard to have to wait all this time before my training starts, I feel so excited that I thought about how I could make the time goes faster! H&M was on the top of my list of the places I wanted to work at so I am more than satisfied, I feel like I am dreaming. I will be preparing myself to be incredible so if you are a Sales Assistant at H&M or in another company and have some tips to give me please leave me a comment with some advices or tweet them at @theapoupidou!

I am not finish I have also for you a new style to show you, it is my lucky outfit as it was the one I was wearing on my H&M interview. I didn’t know what to wear but on their website they advise you to come as you are. Therefore I picked those warm colours which are my favourite : orange – burgundy!

I love this Ivory and Orange Dot Blouse, I got it from the Goldie London concession in the Topshop on Oxford Street, I wear it with a white vest from the Topshop basics and a Burgundy Supersoft Skinny Jeans from New Look! The knit cuff Brogue ankle boots and my cherry necklace are from River Island  A/W 12 collection, you might have seen them before on my instagram pictures, because I wear them very often! Actually, you know when you have worn something so much that it is starting to fall apart but you still want to wear it every day? Well, I hope you cannot clearly see it on the picture but that is the state of my shoes. When it rains I have water which filters inside and walking with wet feet in winter is not recommended, especially in London where rain is here everyday!


I had a lot of fun doing this photomontage, I hope you like it Poupidiens!

Loads of love, Xxx.


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