Mysterious tittle? Not so much when you know who this beautiful lady is. Now you must be trying to find or remember her name, right? That is Beatriz Luengo, a Spanish singer and actress. She was very famous in France while I was growing up thanks to her role in a teenage TV show called Un Dos Tres and Un Paso Adelante in Spain. I bought her album BL in 2006 when it came out and I loved it very much; I was only 15 at the time and I kept dancing to it in my bedroom, I still remember Africa by heart! Anyway, I had some spare time today and I wondered where her career was right now, so I did some research and I found this cool song, Chicas de Revista where she sings accompanied with a guitar. I thought she was awesome and her outfit even more so

here is where you can…


To start, find a heart pattern long sleeve blouse and accessorise it with a simple black satin ribbon!
Then, the most similar jeans I found was on ASOS, they are the Ridley Supersoft High Waisted Ultra Skinny Jeans in Neon Pink. I have been recently craving for a nice pink lipstick, I think she is wearing one quite pale. I got a bit lost there are so many pink lipsticks out there but my final choice was the Tropical Pink, Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick from YSL. I think it would go brilliantly with the rest! If you colour your lips, you better paint your nails as well, the np279, np302 or even the np308 from Barry M are all perfectly matching, I would go for the np 279, but it is all up to you now! To finish I was going to give you a link towards her Original Ray-Ban Wayfarer but I found a pair even better! Check out those pink Erika 4171 Ray-Ban sunglasses, they are pretty awesome!


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