20130904-110631.jpgAnother one of my style articles! #poupidouishappy. I feel a huge satisfaction when I finalise an article and update it, I feel the same way when I cook something nice. I very often take a picture of it. I have so many pictures of various dishes on my phone you could probably think I am some sort of eating monster! Seriously, today I feel in a Kendrick Lamar mood, I felt this way for a few days. This Californian rapper’s beats seem to be beating in rhythm with my heart beats! I am sure if I share with you one of my favourite tune, you will be feeling the Kendrick vibe just like me, I give it a try: Kendrick Lamar – Swimming Pools (Drank).

So to be back to my article, here is for you a new style that I was wearing two days ago in a hot London. White is the best color not to feel hot as it reflects the light it will keep you much cooler than a black top which in the opposite will be absorbing the light and so create a huge heat! You might remember my Kimbra T-shirt, I was wearing it in one of my first articles on this blog! I paired it with my H&M white skinny jeans which I am totally in love with at the moment, I actually have another one in pale green. My necklace is from an old collection of River Island, I was also wearing it on the article I gave you the link above. My New Look peep toe heels were worn to emphasise the black drawings from my T-shirt. That is right, it is Kimbra swinging on a tree swing! Recently there were a lot of minimalist styles uploaded on Chictopia, so I wanted to give my minimalist ideas a try!

Hope you like it, if you have anything to say tweet it @theapoupidou!



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