Get wild!

Hey people!

Last February the A/W 13 Tom Ford, Jean-Paul Gaultier and Burberry Catwalk shows were sublimely using the Leopard print. It means that we seriously need to think on how we will be wearing it this autumn/winter, because the leopard print is bringing its animal magic back on our clothes and accessories!

[Burberry Prorsum – Burberry Prorsum – DKNY]
[Tom Ford – Tom Ford – Jean-Paul Gaultier]

Leopard is to me an amazing timeless trend. Every new collection it comes back and surprise us bolder, brighter and sexier! The question we ask ourselves every time is, is it going to be on our next favourite dress or simply on our headphones? I selected for you to figure it out diverse clothes, bags, accessories, shoes all leopard printed. You just need to Widely open your eyes and run to your hight street to buy what is going to be hot this winter!

I went to the Office store on Oxford street about a week ago, the closest to Bond Street station, and they had a special leopard area! I love to wear the leopard print on accessories therefore you can imagine how happy I was when I had all those leopard shoes in front of my eyes! Obviously when I discovered that, it straight away crossed my mind that I needed to do the same on my blog, a special leopard shoes area, let’s start with that!




[It is not in the order but you can find similar shoes at : Office – New Look – Dune – Kurt GeigerSchuh – DKNY – Polyvore. That is where I found my pictures!]

If you are more of a bag lady then DKNY is doing some awesome pieces. If you can not afford DKNY like me but want something of a similar style, New Look, River Island or Mango also do great leopard bags at cheaper prices, between £19,99 and £69,99. I have not checked Primark, Accessorize or even Topshop but I am sure they will have what you are looking for!20130901-153538.jpgNow what really excited me were all the cute accessories I found in my leopard search, from the watch to panties passing by the umbrella, I swear leopard is going to drive us crazy! I thought I had everything I needed until I saw those leopard earrings or this leopard I-phone cover, are they not incredibly cute and trendy?20130901-153545.jpg

If you still aren’t happy with what I showed you there is still a hope… With clothes!20130901-153559.jpg
And because we are still on Poupidou‘s blog we finish by Poupidou’s pick! As the only items I really need to buy for the cold season coming are tops, I picked three cool leopard tops. No need to tell you I will probably buy much more than what I need!20130901-153606.jpg[New Look – Chinti & Parker – River Island]

Ps: Listen to Jay-Z – Tom Ford, my favourite song from his new album Magna Carta Holy Grail!

Hope you all have a lovely week!



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