French for our ears and our eyes

20130829-205145.jpgHey Poupidiens,

Look at my book, look at my book! I deeply wanted someone to offer me a book about fashion for my birthday and my wish came true! To be honest I am not entirely sure that it was meant to be for my birthday, but it is mine now, mouhaha! It is a great book about 100 years of apparel ads,the 20th century, as you can imagine it is full of beautiful photographs selected in order to document the fashion as it was adopted by the mass culture decade per decade. I am just loving it, I spent 15 minutes just starring at the cover! There are so many brands to discover, plus the text explaining the evolution of the fashion is in three languages so no need to use my brain, I can read in French, Hourra! You might have noticed on the picture that the bottom corner of the book is damaged; the guy that gave it to me got a dog, Baloo, and he obviously fancied chewing the corner of it, I don’t mind! I guess that was his way to participate to the birthday pressie, I love Baloo anyway so we are totally cool.20130829-205140.jpg

Another thing that, figuratively speaking, caught my little ears, Kumisolo with Victime de la mode. I found myself dancing on her J-pop while cooking my dinner. She is a Japanese pop-star who reinvented herself into a freelance musician and cuisine queen in Paris, quite a nice career for her! Of course, when I will be around 35, I will be having an amazing path behind me, just like her. I came across this song by reading the Topshop blog; that is where I took the picture with the coloured cat, it was just too cool for me to leave it there. It took me about an hour before to realise that Kumisolo is in fact singing a very popular French song from the 90’s, Victime de la mode originally sung by Mc Solaar. That explained why I loved the lyrics, but “bravo!” to Kumisolo who made it interesting in her own way!

Hope you enjoyed. Loads of love, Xxx


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