Birthday pressies



Hello my Poupidien,

We are more than a week after my birthday actually happened, it is about time I show you what pressies I got! For those who wonder, I am 22. I can’t believe that I have already 22 years behind me! When I was 15 I thought 22 was the best age because the two “2” looks cool together and because it is not too old or not too young. There is no cool age really, as long as you have what you want in your life any age is great, I wish sometimes I could go back to my 15 and change a few details though! If I keep talking I will probably start having wrinkles on my face before I even said what were my presents. The first I opened was my Tatty Devine necklace, with guess what written on it?!! “Poupidou”, isn’t that awesome? And in pink I mean have a look at the picture I think it is clearly the best present ever! The second present was from House of Holland, an English Fashion label really cool launched in 2008 by Henry Holland. I had the short from their Mr.Quiffy collection and I love it! I didn’t want to put any picture of it yet as my awesome fiancé, Jeff, won one of their Mr.Quiffy Tees ! I could not believe it, they even put his name on the article talking about their pop-up store on Monmouth Street,seven dials where he bought my shorts, have a look that makes him kind of famous, haha! After a long reflexion about what size we should order it in, and in other terms who would have it, I decided that he could have it, after all, he won it, but that he would have to be doing a House of Holland themed photoshoot with me! I can’t wait for the photoshoot, we are ordering the T-shirt tomorrow so it could be anytime next week. Last but obviously not least my third present was not a material present, I had the honour to be punting along the Cambridge River. Thankfully, Jeff was doing all the work I just had to relax and take some pictures of the beautiful university buildings from the other end of the boat! It was such a romantic birthday. I made some duck friends, I had a fabulous picnic under the rain and all that wearing my cute pink peach wellies matching my pink Poupidou Tatty Devine necklace! I did a vine of my wet picnic to share it with you but also mainly so I can always remember this special birthday.

Loads of kisses and love,see you soon and enjoy my Cambridge photos!



Ps: Now that my birthday, my fiancé’s birthday, Notting Hill Carnival and almost all the festivals have passed, summer is officially finished in my mind, I want cold weather and rain every day from now on!


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