This article is about someone special… It could indeed be me, but no, it is about my favourite little sister. Hold on, you must be thinking this is a pretty horrible thing to say, how could I have a favourite sister? That is because I only have one sister and she is the lovely fourteen years old French brunette that you can see in that video. She is incredibly pretty, clever and funny, just like me, that is why I wanted to share the video she made with you… Ok that is not why I insist on posting it, I really wanted to share her work with you because I am really proud of what she has done, she picked great outfits, great songs and even do great moves!  I thought that she did a fabulous job, the other lookbook videos I have seen were nowhere near as good as hers, no offence. Have a look at it and tell me what you think of her “Summer Lookbook 2013”!

I am sure she will be checking at some point, so a little message for her: I am super proud of you pépette, keep doing great stuff like this and you will be going far! Je t’aime



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