Lego lovers this article is for you!



Hey guys!

I am myself a big Lego fan, you can imagine I was really pleased when I found out that my fiancé’s cousin made those incredible pieces of Lego jewellery! Her name is Lisa S Tsang, she is a very calm and nice person; I loved the time I spent with her especially in the Harrods jewellery section, she always had an interesting comment to make and I still remember her penchant for antique jewellery! She previously had a concession in Harrods! As you might have understood she is a talented designer, she was born in Hong Kong of Anglo/Egyptian-Chinese parentage and was from an early age fascinated by knitwear and textiles. If you look at the pictures above, after I tell you that she loves to learn from the past traditions and translate it into her own unique signatures, I think it is quite evident.

Here is the quickest way for you to buy those Lego pieces of jewellery: Etsy

Let me know which piece of jewelry is your favorite by tweeting me @theapoupidou. I think I made it clear for myself, the biggest picture which is the piece you will reach by clicking on my Etsy link is my favorite by far! I love the cute colours, the fact that unconventional materials such as Cashmere Blend crochet florals, rope and Lego pieces have been used in the production. I particularly like the gold edges and I love the Swarovski crystals, I think they give a delicate feminine touch to the finish of the necklace.

If you want to find out more about Lisa and her designs, start by following her on Facebook Twitter and have a look at her website:

Ps: Completely out of context, I am going to have a car very soon! Couldn’t keep that for myself anymore! I have missed driving so much since I have been in UK (nearly 3 years!) Of course don’t worry guys, I will be careful, it isn’t like I forgot plus I drove a few times in those 3 years! More exciting news, keep it coming, yes!


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