Paint it! 💅


Hope you are all going to have an amazing day! It isn’t very hot in London and my phone says it is going to be only about 20 degrees.”Only 20 degrees” is an euphemism, 20 is good enough to me and with the hot weather we had in June and July we can’t really complain about August, plus we don’t need the burning sun to be happy in Britain! Do we?! For those who needs it apparently a hot wave would be coming back next weekend, don’t blame me if it isn’t, I am not mother nature! Would be good if it did because we are organising a huge barbecue for my fiancé’s 30th birthday on the 24th of August!

Yesterday I used my two new colours of Barry M nail polish that I bought at the concession they have in the Topshop flagship store on Oxford street. The girls working there were really helpful, they gave me four different circular displays with the nail varnishes applied on it so you can clearly see if you like the colour or not, it is a great idea because sometimes the pot doesn’t look at all like the color you obtain! The concession is also brilliantly presented: have a look. I applied those two colours, GNP 1 Plum 244 and GNP 7 Satsuma 331, with my new brush also bought in Topshop but this time from their own brand. The brush was part of a nail art sponge kit, they have got a lot of tools for Nail Art, different shape brushes, little studs, glue… I am only a beginner in doing my nail art thing but I am pretty happy with my work. I actually think it rocks with my midi-ring, especially when you saw the state of my nails 2 years ago, I used to bite them!

If you want to tell me about your Barry M nail polish colours, show me your nail arts or simply tell me you liked my pictures, tweet me @theapoupidou, I always tweet back!20130814-231914.jpg



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