Bad Girl

Hello my lovely Poupidiens,

I haven’t been posting many personal styles recently so I correct that by uploading a bad girl look!
I took my photoshoot on Thursday and it was really hot! My double-layered beige and black nylon mesh top was perfect for this kind of temperature, the mesh nylon weave is very airy and light, it was almost like walking around in my La Senza Bra! I admit that I actually thought about just going out in my swimsuit but in town we need some decency… So I had to put on something matching this bad girl top and found in my wardrobe the perfect bad girl faux black leather leggings that I bought just a few days ago from Primark! Ladies, don’t wear this in hot sunny weather, my legs were boiling, you really don’t want to feel that way! With that I am wearing my awesome black heels from New Look, aren’t they amazing? 😍
This morning my intensive Fashion Buying and Merchandising course started! I am going there for the whole week! As expected, I was so excited that I didn’t manage to swallow anything before the course… Well I did have 3 cm of a banana but seriously excitement was too much! Not good, because in the middle of the morning I felt like my eyes were closing and it wasn’t because the course wasn’t interesting, it was more the opposite, totally awesome! I will tell you more about the course within this week. I do my fiancé’s brekkie every morning to try to teach him this good habit I kept since I was a little girl, hoping that when the weekend comes he will do mine! Haha!


And don’t hesitate to tweet me @theapoupidou!



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