My new peach wellies πŸ’š

Yesterday I went shopping. I didn’t have anything to walk safely in the rain, I ended up destroying my ballerines. I meant by just being outside in the wet British weather they fell apart… So, I went to Primark and I saw those peach ankle wellies with a cute bow on the side. Something happened in my brain like an electric shock freezing my thoughts, no that wasn’t the rain draining trough the ceiling everywhere in the shoes section, that was a love at first sight hitting me. I love it, this moment when you know you found the perfect purchase. Since I got them I have been walking around the house with them on, now I realize I should just let them rest in the cupboard until it rains again or they will fall apart as well! Cool thing about them, the fact they are so bright makes people smile. They are like magic wellies, they make me happy and everyone around me look happy!

I have recently downloaded this app called Vine, because it seemed to be the last trend app on Twitter. Everyone is using it and I know why now, I love it, it is really fun and I guaranty you, you can find some crazy people there! Here is my Vine – I love my wellies

Next accessory I need to get is a pretty umbrella. I have an idea on what I would like to have, but I am still totally opened to any suggestions, so if you have any websites of shops to recommend me, tweet me their name or address @theapoupidou 20130731-180945.jpgOwwwwww, I didn’t tell you yet, but since this morning at 01:01, I am not only Poupidou anymore! I am now auntie Poupidou! So exciting! My brother in law and his girlfriend had a baby. Say hello to baby Harry, already very trendy in his cool pijama!



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