We can’t Stop!

🎧 La da di da di we like to party! 🎵

Hey everybody,

If you haven’t heard Miley Cyrus’ last song, it is time for you to wake up and listen to it, because it is really different from what she used to do, it is actually more like her, it is cheerful and it really makes you want to “twerk” and dance! Partying jumping around in Teddy bear costumes, seriously does it not appeal you?
Yes you do! Here is a little help if you want to find out what I am talking about: Miley Cyrus – We Can’t Stop

I have read a few things online quite negative about her. What I think? She is only 20 and for a 20 years old she seems to work pretty hard and to know what she wants which is great because I am 22 next month and two years ago I wasn’t sure about everything in my life, I am now though no worries Poupidiens! So it is good for her and good for us as well because she comes back with a new album very soon promising even more great songs! And on top of that she is back in the news with even more style! I love her crops tops, I love her hair, and for those reasons, not only those two but mainly, I made a selection of a few of her outfits I found online.
Also checkout her interview on Z100 in New York, you will learn a bit more about her personality!



For Pharrell fans like me, cool fact to know: he really appreciates Miley as a person and artist. She was invited at his 40th Birthday on the 5th of April in a Miami nightclub! Her outfit for the occasion was the one on the first top left picture!

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