I found calm and treasures in Newquay!

Not easy to write an article when Goose, my cat, is progressively invading my keyboard. Unfortunately for me I am not strong enough to wake up this sleeping beauty so I’ll type slowly and quietly but with my usual excitement!

While I was away I found 3 exciting treasures… Drumroll…:
1 Funny cute ring that my friend Lizzie was wearing to party!
2 Beautiful shirt that I found but that I had to leave behind because I had no more money! 😭
3 And finally my sister sent me a pic of the nail stickers that I bought her last Christmas, looking awesome!


To apologized for my absence and therefore not uploading any pic or article I crafted a postcard with pictures that I took in the lovely town where I was last weekend, Newquay. I didn’t have a clue where Newquay was before but now we will all know, it is on the West coast of England which is facing the Atlantic Ocean. Yes the Atlantic Ocean it is the blue thing you can see on the pics, cool right! Guess what!? The sun was au rendez-vous! I am always amazed by how relax I feel while being near the ocean or the sea, must be something to do with the noise of the waves hitting the seashore or maybe the singing of the seagulls, who knows?! What I know is that the water was cold and the food there was good! It has really been a pleasure to spend a girly weekend away from hot London! What can I add, hummm… Yes, it is me in my River Island playsuit, I love it so much I think I will wear it even this winter; oh and my cocktail is called the Strawberry Woo Woo! The weekend was great, I have tried Cornish ice-cream, local grilled Plaice, I went clubbing and dance hard on Jay-Z & Kanye West – Ni**as In Paris!



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