I Make Music To Numb Your Brain

Most of you must know this beautiful American recording artist, dancer, actress and model, Cassie. She is a multi-talents gorgeous woman that I discovered with the Me & U song she released in late April 2006. I didn’t really pay attention to her until I listened to the song on my I-pod about a year ago and I wondered what she was doing nowadays. Well she is doing great! I mean for a start not everyone can shave half of their head and still look super sexy. As you can see music wise she is also doing good with Numb and Paradise she coming back to the top again! On the love side she is still with P-Diddy, so it looks like everything is working perfectly for her!

For about a year now, I have been following her mainly on this awesome Tumblr: EverythingCassieV Tumblr but also on the news like the Daily Mail and on youtube. I love what she is doing, I love what she wears, she a cool girl with a sweet voice, I guess this is what we call inspiration. Hope you like her too!

The other song I was talking about: Cassie – Paradise feat Wiz Khalifa

If you would like to share your opinion on Cassie, or tell me something cool about her I don’t know then please tweet me: @theapoupidou



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