Hiya bloggers, hiya poupidiens, hiya internet surfer, hiya everybody!

Everything is going well in the best of the world. London is no longer London, it became a sunny, warm and lovely place to live, where it is nice to wake up with a blue sky! When I said everything is going fine I meant almost everything. Last night, my cat came back home with its back right leg hurt. No idea what could have happened there, we speculated with my fiancé on many options and we were too busy to think he needed to move outside for a bit and wee. so now The Goose, that’s how we call him, has peed everywhere in our room. And this time when I say everywhere, well I meant everywhere! I am glad he is feeling much better now, but it also has meant a lot of work in the room… Anyway let’s forget about this and let’s rock onto my new style!

Mum said I looked “cool and hippie” when we facetimed earlier today. Strange thing is I don’t feel at all in a relax, hippipoupidou mood, it is totally the opposite I feel more like listening to some Iggy Azalea – Work and dance crazy! So hey, you can’t judge a book by its cover, I guess this makes some sense here…

What is my cover made about? Pretty simple Dress from H&M, Flowery Neckalce from River Island, Pale Green round Sunglasses from Accessorize, Grey Leather Ankle boots from Besson Chaussures, Gold Bracelets from a French Market.

Soon I’ll show you the monster, the Goose!



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