My garden? My paradise!

Hello my favourite Poupidiens!

Today has simply been amazing… Many problems have been solved, a lot of planning has been done for the weeks ahead, the weather has been incredible and on top of that I received my pressies, or kind of…! You might remember this cover I was telling you about in the article of PUYt, well here it is for you in the pictures just below. It is exactly what I expected: it is incredibly cute! Again I found this little beauty on amazon for only £6… So if you search hard enough you will find your perfect cover/skin too!
In addition of being an amazing day I have also taken some pictures of a new look which is perfectly suitable for a hot day. You can wear it for any occasion you want really. I am not sure you will be allowed in a work place but I found it pretty useful to go shopping! Indeed, thanks to this outfit, I haven’t been sweating for a second! Not even in the tube!
The Black Heels are from an American Zara, The black sheer layered skirt is from Primark.
The blue navy and black crop top with a gold zip is in fact the top part of a bikini but I loved the details of the colours and materials so much that I thought It would be stupid to only swim in it, people, and I, need to see it!
The heart shape earrings covered with strass are a really cool pressie from a friend, and you know I don’t like to spoil the effect of a surprise, so sorry, for those I will say origin unknown, plus it sounds pretty cool.
The black sunglasses come from a souvenir shop in Los Angeles, I bought them for $5 and I can only see with them on when it is really really bright outside… But god I love them so much
Still with the maXfactor on, can you call that an addiction? I feel almost naked without it haha!

I have a little surprise for you no later than tonight in another article so hold on to your chair a little longer…




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