Rock me baby

I have something more for you on this HOT day.

28°C expected today in London, I think I am dreaming!

We all know what that means: Barbecue Time!

Gold or burgundy would be the colors I’d be if I had to pick! Strawberry would be the fruit I’d be if I had to become one, it is so red, and yummy… Hum, like always I digress, so let’s go back to the matter: my favorite party outfit!

For a start, it doesn’t fit for a day like today, you would be far too hot as the top is sleeveless but the material is quite thick, plus why would you wear black skinny jeans with this temperature!? If you are looking for very tight and good quality pair of skinny jeans, New Look are the best, I bought three different colors that I wear all the time and they are still super skinny! My burgundy peplum shape top is from Miss Selfridge as well as my collar shape necklace . You might remember my gold and black belt from Topshop, I was wearing it on the 24.06.13 article, where you can see it clearer! Those lovely burgundy wedge heels are from New Look, they still have quite similar shoes if you are interest go on their website! My burgundy and gold cross earrings they are from River Island. I love the cross shape everywhere… On earrings, T-shirts, trousers, necklaces… Have a look on this link, isn’t it cool and trendy? To finish not sure you noticed, but on the picture where you can clearly see my pretty face,haha, my lips are in a shiny pink color. Do you like it? It is my Chanel lipstick, Rouge Coco Shine 58.



On this Poupidiens, I wish you to have a beautiful day and I hope you all enjoy the fabulous weather! I am off to work!


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