iPhone 5 skin? Check!

Good morning my dear Poupidiens,

It is a very excited Poupidou who is writing to you this morning! I have finally received my Iphone 5 colorful Nike shoes skin, isn’t it looking amazing?! I have just put it on this morning and I am already very satisfied with the look of it and it seems to work fine with all the control buttons, so no negative comment to make! I have noticed more and more people having very cool Iphone covers and skins in the tube… Yes, sorry I am like most of you, I am observing you,haha! No seriously just kidding, I was just really interested in those and really wanted to try them out; plus I was getting a bit bored of my phone. I am not saying it isn’t an amazing phone but we all get bored of our phones after a while. So if like me you want to give a new life to your phone or simply make your phone more fashionable, get a new skin for it! I found my skin on Amazon, I have received it after a week of patience and now every time I look at it I think: “Here is my sexy phone”, don’t you want to think the same?

I am also waiting for another cover, more funky this time, that should arrive any day from now. Of course I’ll upload the pictures of it just for you!

Loads of Xxx



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