Another nice re-discovery

Hey again!

While selecting my best Californian and Vegas pictures this morning I found this cool outfit dating from last year. I wore it for the only day of sun, we had last summer,haha! No I am not joking it was on the 27th of May, can’t you remember? A shame I broke my rucksack by cycling with it in every weather, during winter… Everyday going to work! Not very clever, I admit, I found it during the Olympics at Primark. The cute American pair of shorts come from Topshop and my LA T-shirt… Well, obviously from Los Angeles! My silver sandals comes from Primark, I buy a lot there but it is so cheap and you can find very cool stuff there! I stole the sunglasses from my fiancé… He found them for nothing, but I mean really nothing: they were free at Tottenham Court Road Station a few years ago as part of a Vodafone promotion! Look how cool they are; this guy is so lucky!




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