Office Gabriel

Hello buddies!

To start my article in a good way let’s set the mood thanks to a cool song that I have only discovered a few nights ago when my fiancé was remembering with his oldest friend, their old school garage years: Roy Davis Jr – Gabriel (feat Peven Everett).

So now that you are on the right mood, we can talk about the work outfit I was wearing Tuesday morning, going in town for an interview. Quite simple and casual; I found this dress in one of my high road shops called Lucy & Co (Not the Lucy from the Only Way is Essex, I swear!). That was a love at first sight for me and it was so cheap, I thought I was hallucinating! Only negative point? Well, my fiancé hates it. I didn’t want to debate why, because I love it and after all there is a lot of stuff in his wardrobe that I don’t like too, mouhahaha! The shoes are soooo important to me, I bought them three years ago in a Zara in Santa Monica, they are like my first important pair of heels, I don’t think I will ever throw them away… Ok that is a bit gross, so let’s stop talking about this! I thought it would be cool to had you cute pictures of my Californian+Las Vegas trip just so you can dream to go there as well.


The earrings are still the same that I was wearing on the 29.06.13. I am wearing my maXfactor lipstick, I know I am wearing it quite often but I really like; it gives me this feeling that I am a bit wild… Do you know what I mean? That is obviously also because it is a very good lipstick that last for a day without going everywhere on your teeth, so it is all good! As you can see my bra, I let you know where it comes from. It is a La Senza Bra, Beige with cute black lace details and tiny black bows on the straps.




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