Golden Poupidou wants that!

Oh my god, I haven’t had a crush on a dress for such a long time… But last night, it all changed! While my fiancé was making for me and his friend an awesome barbecue, I waited nicely surfing on Instagram… And I saw it, there, so pretty, so nicely presented… So here it is just for you: Blooms Day Dress By Nasty Gal. I am desperately looking for an S: if anyone has it please give me a shout!

I also upload some pictures, as promised, of me with my tan products! I have to say I am clearly impressed with the face fake tan, L’Oréal Sublime Bronze, it really worked! In just two applications, I looked like I spent a week in the sun without the freckles! A lot of people complimented me on my “lovely tan”, so I am really glad I bought it, and I recommend it to anyone, even the smell is amazing! I stop for a bit though, because I don’t want to go too brown… I need to wait a bit to see the real effects of the Garnier Body Fake Tan product, but I can already see the tan lines of my swimsuit. Please don’t pay attention to the swimsuit it is an old swimsuit I used because I didn’t want to ruin my cool bikinis!



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