White on white on white

Yo Everyone!

Here is for you a cool Festival Style White On White On White… For once not Black on Black on Black! I say Festival but you can also wear it like me, as soon as the sun is out! Those pictures made me realise how pale I look, not that it is a bad thing but summer is coming or at least I hope it is going to come, and I need a tan! Now… I have two options, natural or artificial. It is actually an easy decision as 1) The British weather is not permitting any kind of sun exposure at least not at the moment… 2) I don’t get a tan, I burn anyway. Just need for me to find good body and face sprays tan!

At the moment I have this little addiction with River Island Crop Tops, on this style is one of the many I bought. This White textured cap sleeve crop top is really comfortable to wear, I went for the white but you can clearly go for the Dark Yellow which is also looking pretty awesome. The white contrast trim hidden wedge boat shoes also come from River Island, you can currently find them in the Wimbledon Whites Section of the website, but you might find yourself spending too much money on other items…! By the way they are a present from my fiancé isn’t he the best? Surprisingly the Gold Tone Multi Spike Necklace also come from River Island, I say surprisingly but I am sure no one is surprised! I have no idea where my earrings come from and as they are a present that someone offered me, I prefer not to know, it makes them more valuable! The cute white short with little hearts and forms printed is from H&M.

Has anyone notice my nails were also white? Yes, white on white on white!




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