Equipped your feet with blossoms


I am back at this blogging thing with a power article about Spring/Summer 2016 shoe trends.

Even though Spring collections have been in stores since February, I found it difficult to shop for warm weather when it is only a few degrees outside. I would rather be snuggled up in a few layers at home, sipping up on a warm tea, than be looking for a swimsuit. 5de3e0da-a090-4bef-ae39-87747838713f.jpeg

Although, in most places it is now officially Spring. Trees are blossoming, we put the furry jackets away and we start shopping for our holidays. It is now time to clear your shoe cupboard and make some space for new treasures.

Yet, proceeding to the purchase of the perfect Spring/Summer 16 pair of shoes might be an overwhelming experience knowing the abundance of places you can get them from. That’s when my article becomes useful, it summarises the key colours for this season, the trendiest silhouettes, it gives you bonus info on some must-have design details as well as provides you with tips which will definitely help you to overcome the anxiety or demovativation you might face through your selection . If, by the way, you are interested in knowing more about the psychology of choice, you can read this great article recently written by Brian Scordato on Fast Company.

Let’s get to it with my first tip, approach your shopping as a task to do step by step. The first step is to select a list of brands you like to buy shoes from, for me it is: & Other Stories, Topshop, Missguided, H&M, Office, Aldo, Dune, New Look, Zara, Nike and Addidas, Steve Maden, which you will see featured in the pics just underneath. It might look like a long list but trust me it reduces significantly the choices I have! Once that’s done, have a look at the trendy colour palette (I have also made one for you, how lucky is that?!) and from there you might already have an idea of which colours suits you best or which one you just love. I always look first online and buy then in store, the colour filter tool available on most websites will, again, reduce your choices. The third step is to pick the silhouette. If you prefer you can also do step 3 before steps 2 that’s totally up to you, I am just more comfortable doing it that way. And the last step is to go for it and buy one of the remaining shoes, from their the choice should be low enough to make you decide on one surely!

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 11.40.25Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 11.40.46Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 11.41.10Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 11.41.43Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 11.42.05

Don’t forget to let me know in the comments what shoe you ended up buying!

Bisous Xxx




Hey les Loulous!

It is time for Chapter 2013 to come to an end and leave space to a brand new Chapter, 2014.

In other terms, “Bonne Année!”. I wish you ALL a wonderful year and I hope that it will be ten times better than the previous one but also that you will keep up your new year resolutions as I planned to do!

What are those New Year Resolutions? Well, mine are pretty simple…

1) Fashion Related: Blog more! Buy more! Read more! Work harder! I can do it, I can do it!

2) Party more! With all this work planned… I will need breaks!

3) Go back to Uni! More details to follow…

4) Stop using a calculator! It has been a day and my brain already feels less numb!

5) Produce more endorphins! Don’t go to far in your fantasy I am mostly thinking about going jogging at least three times a week as I did lately, it makes me so happy!

But Hey I forgot to tell you about the rest of the festivities, Christmas, my favourite time of the year which for the first time I spent as a Single Lady! Accordingly thereby, I had to get myself my own presents; such is the life of single people, tough! I am only joking of course because I am truly awesome at buying presents so there was no deception on the 25th under the Christmas tree this year! Plus this year was different, in the way that the pressies I loved the most were in fact actions from people I care about, so yes, despite the recent events which happened in my life I had an amazing Christmas. All my housemates have now listened at least once to a French Christmas song , I can proudly say that my aim as “French Christmas spirit” has been accomplished! About my unexplained disappearence, I split up with my fiancé and it has been hard for me to settle down but now that I have done it and I found myself again,  I will fight for what I want and keep flowing the articles on my blog!

Photo 01-01-2014 21 19 39One of my Christmas present this year, my tattoo “Nothing was the same…”

Loads of Love, Xxx

Dusty Pink, pale pink, call it how you like!


For about two weeks now I have been waking up with a great feeling inside my belly. For those who don’t know I am engaged to an incredible guy and I still feel butterflies when he kisses me but the feeling I am talking about here is a complete different one. It is the one you feel when you found a job you finally like! I used to be quite upset to be working weekends or late nights but I don’t think it is a problem anymore as I am now surrounded by clothes and awesome people who loves clothes! Plus, I have what you can call an obsession with order so being in charge of tidying what I love the most, fashion, I can’t complain! I have done a few late shifts and I loved it, weekend as well are cool as it is incredibly busy you literally have no time to be bored and you better run! Anyway, I enjoy my spare this morning to write a little article on what I have bought in my H&M store where I benefitiate of a discount! With this last argument, I convince myself I have found the perfect job!

Wherever you go on the high street pink is a dominant colour this winter. On knitwears, on sheer shirts/blouses, on tops, on accessories, well pink is the colour to wear! So I decided to go for what we call at H&M the dusty pink and I picked a knitwear jumper composed of 90% Acrylic and 10% mohair. It makes me feel cuddled by like a soft warm wool and this last bought comes right on time with the cold weather! I made it contrast with a very natural white pointed flat collar from a chiffon blouse that I also got in H&M! I love the finished style that this combination gives me, I look like the first of the class which is exactly what I wanted to do so I am satisfied!

I took some pictures last friday after going to a casting to be fitting model for Topshop, apparently my measurements are not close enough to their perfect measurements of a size 6 so that will not be for this time but who knows what the future keeps for me! I did enjoy having little yellow and blue dot stickers all over my body for the day as I did not remember to take them off and noticed them in the shower, haha!



[ Gold Tone Funky Double Curb Chain from River Island – White Contrast Trim Hidden Wedge Boat Shoes from River Island – Black Super Soft Skinny Jeans from New Look – White Blouse from Primark – Leather Jacket from H&M ]

Don’t hesitate to tweet me you thoughts about this article or whatever you want to talk about @theapoupidou


Hiya Poupidiens,

My fiancé and me received House of Fraser gift cards for our birthday a while ago… We usually get presents together as our birthday are both in the middle of August only serarated by a week, I am the 16th and he is the 23rd! We planned our trip to HOF on an early Saturday morning and we wanted to spend that money wisely! I decided that the best way to do that was to use both of our cards for him, it was his 30th birthday, and he has been so supporting lately, I could not miss the occasion to make this special birthday memorable. I am really happy I have made this decision because I love shopping but I love even more shopping for him. I just have to seat on a comfy sofa and wait for him to do all the work, I even have the right to give my opinion and influence! So in the end we picked this great pair of Brogue Boots which we had for a nice price, mostly with the help of our gift cards; we only spent £15 from our pocket and I made my other half happy!


Thing is, I also need to buy some more shoes, especially now that I have started working at H&M, I want to present the best image of myself and of the company to the customers! It has been really fun so far I am really enjoying it, I can’t stop smiling!
Because I need shoes I had a little look at the A/W13 trends. Cut-out boots seem to win the popularity competition with the 90’s Grunge style not too far behind! I have also came across another trend called “stylish trainers”, I love trainers/sneakers so with an interesting pattern,  great shoelace and nice details I could only love them more, bring on the winter sneaker! That is not all, the boy shoes will also be a trend this winter, I haven’t seen many yet but I would love to have like a feminin version of my fiancé’s Brogue Boots, I guess it would work in the boy shoe category right!?

To put those trends in perspective I post for you my shoes wish list by trends:




[90’s Grunge]


[Stylish Sneakers]


[The boy Shoes]

Black seems to be the coolest shoes colour for winter! The first chunky cut-out boots I picked could also be into the 90’s grunge trend, two in one isn’t that awesome?! Don’t hesitate to comment or tweet me at @theapoupidou!

No News is good news.

Let’s start with good news today! I have the pleasure to announce you that I am going to be working at the H&M Flagship store on Regent Street in about two weeks time! I have received a phonecall from the manager on Saturday informing me that they wanted to have me in their team! At the interview they told me they would call within a week to give me an answer and they did not so I supposed it was a no, I found it now quite hard to have to wait all this time before my training starts, I feel so excited that I thought about how I could make the time goes faster! H&M was on the top of my list of the places I wanted to work at so I am more than satisfied, I feel like I am dreaming. I will be preparing myself to be incredible so if you are a Sales Assistant at H&M or in another company and have some tips to give me please leave me a comment with some advices or tweet them at @theapoupidou!

I am not finish I have also for you a new style to show you, it is my lucky outfit as it was the one I was wearing on my H&M interview. I didn’t know what to wear but on their website they advise you to come as you are. Therefore I picked those warm colours which are my favourite : orange – burgundy!

I love this Ivory and Orange Dot Blouse, I got it from the Goldie London concession in the Topshop on Oxford Street, I wear it with a white vest from the Topshop basics and a Burgundy Supersoft Skinny Jeans from New Look! The knit cuff Brogue ankle boots and my cherry necklace are from River Island  A/W 12 collection, you might have seen them before on my instagram pictures, because I wear them very often! Actually, you know when you have worn something so much that it is starting to fall apart but you still want to wear it every day? Well, I hope you cannot clearly see it on the picture but that is the state of my shoes. When it rains I have water which filters inside and walking with wet feet in winter is not recommended, especially in London where rain is here everyday!


I had a lot of fun doing this photomontage, I hope you like it Poupidiens!

Loads of love, Xxx.

London Fashion Wee-eeeeeeeeek

20130923-093635.jpgIn fashion there is no time to be bored, while the new Autumn Winter 13 collection arrives in stores, our eyes can already have an overview of what is going to be our next fashion for Spring Summer 14! I find this incredibly exciting! While already busy filling up our wardrobe with the current fashion trends such as the perfect pair of 90’s grunge ankle boots or the perfect Leather Look Skinny Jeans with Ankle Zip; London Fashion Week is bringing a tornado or future Summer fashion designs and is celebrating our amazing British fashion!

I have been pretty busy last week going around town trying to find a job, but I found the time to watch the catwalk shows online and to walk around Oxford Street! I wanted to feel like I wasn’t missing anything so even if I was not there, well I was kind of there!


Topshop Unique S/S 1420130923-113415.jpg

Burberry Prorsum S/S 1420130923-113427.jpg

House Of Holland S/S 14

Here are the links towards what I thought was the best catwalk shows of this S/S14 London Fashion Week:

I don’t know about you but I am really happy with what I saw in those catwalk shows, it was great and represented London perfectly with every collection being completely different in colours, patterns, forms and designs! What I liked about the London Fashion Week shows was the pastel colours beautifuly used by Burberry,the incredible floral and geometric designs of intense colours from House of Holland, the dark twisted side of Mark Fast’s designs, the sexiness of Sister By Sibling crops tops or shorts and the formality of the J.JS Lee collection. The songs picked were great and gave a  summery relax atmosphere to the showrooms! I hope that on the hair side next summer will be more like Cara at the Topshop Unique Catwalk show….Because hopefully by Summer next year my hair will be long enough to curl in such a splendid way, not sure yet about the mark Fast hairstyle but I am sure I will be trying it!

Watch the London Fashion Week shows, enjoy and send me your opinions @theapoupidou!




Mysterious tittle? Not so much when you know who this beautiful lady is. Now you must be trying to find or remember her name, right? That is Beatriz Luengo, a Spanish singer and actress. She was very famous in France while I was growing up thanks to her role in a teenage TV show called Un Dos Tres and Un Paso Adelante in Spain. I bought her album BL in 2006 when it came out and I loved it very much; I was only 15 at the time and I kept dancing to it in my bedroom, I still remember Africa by heart! Anyway, I had some spare time today and I wondered where her career was right now, so I did some research and I found this cool song, Chicas de Revista where she sings accompanied with a guitar. I thought she was awesome and her outfit even more so

here is where you can…


To start, find a heart pattern long sleeve blouse and accessorise it with a simple black satin ribbon!
Then, the most similar jeans I found was on ASOS, they are the Ridley Supersoft High Waisted Ultra Skinny Jeans in Neon Pink. I have been recently craving for a nice pink lipstick, I think she is wearing one quite pale. I got a bit lost there are so many pink lipsticks out there but my final choice was the Tropical Pink, Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick from YSL. I think it would go brilliantly with the rest! If you colour your lips, you better paint your nails as well, the np279, np302 or even the np308 from Barry M are all perfectly matching, I would go for the np 279, but it is all up to you now! To finish I was going to give you a link towards her Original Ray-Ban Wayfarer but I found a pair even better! Check out those pink Erika 4171 Ray-Ban sunglasses, they are pretty awesome!